Notes on Learning to Code and Other Things

  1. Up and Fumbling Along in JS

    Despite what you might think at first it is possible to (mostly) make sense of basic JS (honestly!).

  2. Down and Stumbling Along in JS

    My first encounter with <q>a real programming</q> language was pretty depressing, but yours doesn't need to be.

  3. Failing Forwards, or Just Failing?

    It's easy to avoid it, but sooner or later you're going to have to build something; make it sooner.

  4. CSS Layout. Oh Boy...

    This stuff is harder, but now is a better time than ever before to get to grips with this stuff.

  5. Cracking Selectors and Styling (CSS)

    Using the same approach I outlined under my previous post (dedication, patience, good tutorials) basic CSS can be really good fun.

  6. What the HTML?

    With some dedication, patience, and access to online tutorials and a couple of good reference books, managing, if not mastering, HTML is totally do-able.

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